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8/30/11 – My Blogging Experience

30 August 2011, 23:05

My career as a blogger began sme years ago when I started a Xanga. However, I posted very rarely and ultimately I gave up on the practice entirely for a number of years. But a year or so ago, I got an itch. An itch to blog again. Seeing as how I technically had a blog already, I dusted off my old Xanga and proceeded to write in it again.

This continued for a few weeks while I attempted to determine what I ought to blog about. Experimentation yielded lackluster results, until I realized I could explore my burgening love of scathing reviews by writing some of my own. My initial efforts centered around what I happened to have experienced at the time; what books I read, what movies I watched, what games I played. But most of all I wrote about manga. It quickly became the primary focus of the blog, and I wrote many manga reviews, from scanlation sites that hosted them.

My critical style developed slowly. Very crude and unnecessarily negative for works that didn’t warrent just picking through absolutely everything. Likely this resulted from my earliest model, Ben “Yahtzee” Crowshaw; a grumpy anglo-australian game critic for The Escapist magazine. I got into a rut of writing primarily negative pieces, as well as incredibly long posts. Easily several pages in length, these reviews were written as I went through the work. Ususally, my experience with something like a manga was reading through it once, then reading it again while writing at the same time. Also, the reviews frequently went directly from initial composition to being posted. A very stream of consciousness style that I look back on with embarrassment.

I like to think this experience aided my growth, both as a writer and as a critic. Unfortunately, I’ve had little chance to put what I’ve learned to practical use as of late. Earlier in the year, I wrote my last review, and then became obsessed with the idea of creating an internet review show for sequential art in general, both manga and western comic books. Thus, I lost the drive to make written reviews and haven’t felt like blogging since then. Meanwhile, production stalled due to lack of a camera, but I’ll be coming into one soon. So production can hopefully begin proper.

As for Xanga however, I don’t think I’m going to be posting there anymore. Believe it or not, it still exists, but as a shell of its former self. Or rather, it’s exactly the same as it was when it first came into being. Hence the problem; the site is dated and stagnant, and very difficult to organize in such a way as to be an adequet site to post my videos. My needs expand beyond that site’s capabilities. But perhaps that’s for the best. Xanga functions as a kind of gateway to blogging, like Windows Movie Maker to video editing. But eventually, such things must end, like a first romance. We always remember our first love, don’t we? Or in this case, our first blog.

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