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Distraction Exercise – Conclusion

27 September 2011, 21:53

It must be stated first and foremost that there were instances during the writing of the High Distraction summary that I was forced to leave in the middle of writing and run a small errand that could not be ignored or postponed. Because of this, I will not include these as part of the analysis, save that it was distracting indeed.

Besides that, during my writing of the aforementioned High Distraction summary, I included among the distractions music unrelated even to the subject matter, which could have been made exactly appropriete given that the subject was a music album. Additionally, I turned on the television to watch some sindicated television. And I turned on some internet videos and watched them periodically. Not to mention in between all that I spent time also tweeting my thoughts at the time. As I suspected would happen, it took me a long protrocted time to complete the summary, and it was only loosely organized. I also think I could have learned significantly more about the subject matter at hand had I taken the time to read the bulk of the article.

Conversely, the Low Distraction summary had me exiting out of all tabs in my browsers save wordpress, the wikipedia article itself, and the page on CopyVillain describing the assignment. And naturally, I learned and retained a great deal more knowledge, made the summary far more organized, and completed it far faster.


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