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High Distraction Wikipedia Summary

27 September 2011, 20:43

Pinkerton (album)

Pinkerton was the name of the second Weezer album released in 1996. Originally meant to be a rock opera with a far more abrasive sound than their first album, Pinkerton ended up taking many of the old song ideas and integrating them into the song lineup. Much of the album was written while Weezer frontman River Cuomo studied at Harvard University. Opting not to hire a producer, Weezer focused on designing the album as raw and true to the live sound as possible; vocals were recorded in tandem with three microphones simultaniously.

As Weezer recorded Pinkerton during Cuomo’s study at Harvard, the album came together slowly over multiple short rehearsal and recording sessions in between Cuomo’s study of musical theory. The others took the down time to work on their various personal projects.

Pinkerton covered a wide range of topics, such as: groupies, dysfunctional relationship, fan letters, identity, former girlfriends, and the frustration that comes from self-imposed social withdrawal for the sake of education. The cover art came from an ukiyo-e print by Hiroshige.

The music videos and the album itself received little initial success, but grew in popularity through the tours that gave the band a foothold. Eventually, with the 2010 rerelease of Pinkerton, the album gained a place at 73 on Billboard’s Top 200. Pinkerton stands as one of three albums to receive a perfect score on Metacritic.

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