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Low Distraction Wikipedia Summary

27 September 2011, 21:35


Found traditionally in Southwest Asia, the Durian is revered as the “King of Fruits”, due to its large size, sharp spines, and powerful, polorizing aroma. The smell has been described as anywhere between almonds to gym socks, and creates a strong rift between those who enjoy and detest the stench. The smell is so detested by some that the Durian is banned in many hotels and public transit systems.

In Southeast Asia, the Durian is used in a variety of dishes, both traditional and western-inspired, and at various stages of ripeness. The fruit has the capacity for both sweet and savory flavor.

Those in southeast Asia feasted on Durian since prehistoric times. However, Durian only became known to the west in the past 600 years, where it was known for the traditional belief of it being an aphrodisiac. Of the 9 species of Durio plant that produce edible fruit, only one is commercially available in the west. In its native area, the whole gamet of Durian is sold locally, cultivated by a few hundred Durian cultivators. Some of these command such high quality in reputation that their fruits also command high prices.

Durian fruit contains high levels of suger, vitamin C, potassium, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. It’s considered by some to be a great source of fats, and by others to be something used only sparingly. Traditional beliefs held that Durian contained warming properties. Additionally, common belief held in the region made consuming alcohol and Durian together inadvisable. This supposition is partially supported by medical data.

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