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5/10/11 – Filtering

6 October 2011, 0:54

In the twenty fours hours in question, I used four different filtering systems, and utilized a feature in one of them that I’d never utilized before. First, I watched a number of videos from my YouTube subscription box. The system tracked the activity of the various creators on YouTube I follow, and puts them in their individual boxes on the front page. So whenever I want to see what they’ve uploaded, I just head to the main page and check for new videos.

The Blistered Thumbs website contains a number of series from various people who create videos for the site. And each regular producer has their own tabs for their shows. All I need to do is use the drop down menues and find the producer I want. Then I just go through the list of videos from newest to oldest.

Going to a site, standard layouts use a date-based directory of blog posts. I used that to search through the blog posts for specific content.

Speaking of Google, I used the search function extensively. But in addition to doing the search and looking through the results, I utilized the “I’m Feeling Lucky” feature to go straight to the first available result. I’ve never used that before. And I can easily see where such a thing could be dubious, being that I have no way of knowing what page it would take me to. That it brought me to a relavent page is a moot point.


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